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Site not found, not secure, not redirecting

Hi, I have recently launched my new websflow site. The ‘WWW’ version is set as the default. SSL is on.

If I try to visit ‘’ it doesn’t re-direct, I get ’ This site can’t be reached’

if I visit ‘’ it loads but shows as not being secure.

If I visit ‘’ or ‘’ is says ‘Did Not Connect: Potential Security Issue’

My DNS is all correct ( I think) and the hosting panel says the connections are fine.

Please help!

Many Thanks

hi, maybe you can check this:

and if it still doesn’t work:

don’t hesitate to call your domain provider if all the above fails, good luck!

Thanks - Webflow shows that the site is connected correctly.

Just to say I think this was (as usual!) a propagation issue, all seems OK now.

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