Site not being indexed

Hello everyone!

I submitted this site to Google 10 days ago, but on WMT’s index status it still says 0 pages have been indexed.

I submitted it like:, but do I need to submit other variations too like, etc?

I just submitted a site map.

If you search for the domain,, you can see that it hasn’t picked up the right title and description yet.

Anybody has any idea what could be going on? Or do I just need to keep waiting?



Same happened with our website… you have to submit different versions of your website. and http:// When we first submitted our webpages only three were indexed, because we were not using .xml sitemaps. Use some plugin to make separate .XML sitemaps for categories, pages and posts. We did the same and at this time more than 200 white paper pages are indexed.

Thanks @hcareb, I already submitted the other versions. Status now says site was indexed 3 days ago, when I submitted the sitemap. This is a one page site. However, search results are still not displaying the title and description I set on the page. That’s weird. I have never taken the time to really dig into SEO, and normally I’ve seen other pages being indexed quickly and automatically by Google, without needing to do much or anything at all.