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Site not available?

I got an error message and cant access my site anymore? Maybe some temporary issue but still … browsers says “This website is not available” ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED.

Checked the amazon servers … everything seems to be okay. Still I cant view the site.
Maybe you out there could check if you can access it or not ?!

(well its in german but… ;P)


I can access it :slight_smile:

Määh, was a temporary issue :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: now its working again.

There was an issue with .io TLD nameservers being down. Some areas may still be experiencing downtime but most locations seem to be resolving correctly now.

Awesome site by the way!

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Thanks brryant,

still under dev and only for internal purposes :). But I hated responsinator in some ways and we wanted to create the same thing with more control. Let’s see what else there is to implement ^^.


LOL i saw that my site was refered on webflow facebook page :wink:

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