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Site not appearing in Google Search

We have recently republished our site, and have completely over hauled the design.

We have also launched our product, and have been lucky enough to have had several articles and media pieces about what we’re doing.

However, when you google Trilo, Trilo Payments, Trilo Open Banking or any words like that, the only things that show up are the articles and third parties who then link to our site.

I think we’ve done something wrong in the way we’ve set the website up, any help would be brilliant!


Here is my site Read-Only:
([how to share your site Read-Only link][2])

Hi @Lusken,

Did you resubmit the sitemap to the search console ? It could take a couple of weeks for the googlebot to recrawl everything.

Also it looks that you’ve added the google tag manager snippet on every page. I think it’s better to add it only in the global custom code section.

Other than that it’s hard to know what happened without knowing the previous state of the website’s SEO.

I would prioritize finding what’s wrong in the search console though.

Hi Colibri,

I think we did, I toggled it on and off and saved/published.

OK, I’ll remove the google tag from each page and add it to the global.