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Site needs a diet. too much extra on the side

A little help here please

On the live site there is extra “dead” area. What’s the issue here?

…and whatever issues you may see that needs fixing. Any, all, criticism appreciated.

THANKS!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

I was able to eliminate the overflow on the right of the page by deleting every single slider, but did not investigate the sliders to find out the cause. My suggestion is get that home page to about 25% of the content it is now either by deleting some or splitting up into other pages (pet list, lost, found, etc).

This will help make it easier to maintain the site when encountering bugs, and also make it more pleasing for users to navigate.

There are some really great templates that webflow provides that you can start with for free to get a feel for good layout and best practices.

Hope that helps a bit!

Thank you!!! I will dig into the sliders and shrink them up a bit.