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Site moving side to side on mobile


I’m hoping one of you good people may be able to help me with an issue with this website. The client is reporting the site moves from side to side on mobile. It doesn’t on my mobile, and I can’t quite hunt down what element is overflowing on X Ray mode.

Might one of you be able to see if you’re receiving the same issue, and what could be causing it?

Thank you so much in advance.

Kindest regards,


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It’s working fine on mobile for me, but a simple way to fix an issue like this would be to set each of the section’s width to 100% and then set overflow to hidden.

It looks to me that this could be caused by the email address in the footer not wrapping to the next line. A simple fix would be to make the footer a single column on mobile so all the elements have enough wiggle room on the smaller devices.

Hi Mikey & Stevie,

That’s really helpful, thank you so much for looking into this to me. I’ll adopt both solutions to the site and hopefully that will resolve the issue.

Thanks again for taking the time to examine the site, I really appreciate it.

Kindest regards,