Site looks perfect on Designer, very strange bugs on live site

In designer my site looks exactly how it should at all screen sizes.
On the live site the entire reviews section just doesnt appear, the swirl svgs dont appear, and the bottom grid with the pictures is messed up on mobile. And the whole site seems to have a weird max width. I have built many sites and would consider myself experienced and I have no clue what this is.

Read only link: Webflow - Hungry Bark Final Version

Live site link: Kibble Offer

This section just doesnt show on the site^^^^

No Swirl on live^^^^^

Suppose to be full width^^

Great site! As for the issues:

  1. I see the swirl: Image 2021-08-26 at 5.03.28 PM . What browser are you testing on?

  2. Try moving that element outside of the section: Screen Recording 2021-08-26...

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Ay Pixel Geek! Your videos have helped a lot in the past so thank you for that. I made that change and it still just doesnt represent the designer view at all. You can check it out on the updated live site link. Also the review section just doesnt even appear. I have never experienced this before. I tried just moving it to a new page but still does the same thing.
Im at a loss of options.

Everything functions properly except the review section and the image of the dogs dont appear. I tried chrome and Edge and my laptop and the SVG doesnt show for me.

Hey Cam,

Nice site!

That is weird…one thing I’d experiment with first would be giving the ‘dogs-smiling’ image a height value and test to see if that shows in the live site…same with the wrapper kibrev that seems to be missing…


That didn’t work for me. I just found that if I copy and past the section so there is two in the designer then one shows on the live site. So weird.

Hi @camputty,

I hope you are doing well, I thought I would chime in here, I took a quick look, it looks like on the published page, there is an html code embed being used with a style applied, but the style does not have an ending tag, so following items are not rendered correctly.

See here the missing style tag: Webflow - Hungry Bark Final...

I would add the ending style tag </style> and then publish the page.

Note that custom code is not validated in the designer by Webflow, so if things look strange on the published site, one of the first things to check is any custom code being used on the page and make sure all tags are closed etc etc.

I hope this helps!

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ddduuuuuddddeeeee thats it!


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@camputty I love it :slight_smile: Looks just like me :slight_smile:

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