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Site looks different after uploading to server

I created my site and it looked fine, I exported and uploaded to my server and it changed slightly. My h1 wont fit and a couple of other things.

Why the differences? You can see the two differences below.


Thanks for the screenshots Nathan. That’s really helpful. Can you provide a link to your subdomain so I can see exactly what’s changing?

Also, does it only do this when you export or also when you publish to your subdomain?

Do you mean this?

I have exported the code and uploaded it directly to my server.

I just Published to the webflow subdomain and its fine… Something in the export

Sorry, it seems to be working ok now, across multiple browsers. Very very strange

Oh you know what happened? It looks like the 2nd screenshot has Helvetica as the font vs Proxima Nova in the first one. It might have taken Typekit a little bit to give you the font

Doh! You know what I hadn’t even noticed! Good to know. Thanks for the speedy help.