Site Logo Displacement on Client End

A client of mine’s logo in the navbar is cutting off on her end, while it is not appearing the same way for me.

She is using a Dell Inspiron 17 500 Series with a 17.3" HD Plus Display

Here is a photo of the issue:


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Read only link maybe or screenshots of styles/ interactions?

Just re-edited my post, thank you for pointing that out.

You set a fixed height of 50px to the logo instead of setting a width. Thus for bigger screens, especially high res ones, you logo may look distorted and small.

I try altogether to avoid using images for the logo and instead use backgound images and apply a height and width to the logo (scalable values like %, vw, vh). This way you wont run into the common scenario of images running out of the logo containers

I decided to go with a fixed width instead, and it works now.

Thank you!
Webflame :fire:

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