Site links help - need second pair of eyes and brain

I am looking for some help figuring out what’s going on with my indexing and lack of site links in Google search. I have tried every troubleshooting approach I can think of and still can’t get my desired site links to populate in Google. I have verified multiple times in Google console that the pages are indexed correctly.


Live Site -
Search terms I am using - Perennial product consulting, perennial product management

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Perennial - Product Management Coaching & Consulting

Your site is showing,

There are a LOT of components to good SEO. However a fundamental one is that if you want to optimize your results for specific phrases you’ll want to use them in prominent areas.

For example, if you want Perennial product consulting to be a keyword match, use that in your page Titles, and H1’s on key pages.

Another thing is to boost your site’s relevance overall, by simply making it valuable. One of my clients gets 500 unique visitors per day, and has never spend a dime on advertising. The key is, they publish about 2 good articles a week, and have been doing that for the last 7 years. Content builds value, keyword relevance, etc. Good content invites inbound links.

Thanks, and agree with there being lots of components to SEO, including valuable content. On the content side, I have been writing, just not directly in the webflow CMS. But, I think I should potentially double post that content (which is hosted in a newsletter platform) potentially on the site.

The search terms for the site are working in that they are pulling up the homepage, as I would expect.

What I can’t seem to get are the site links to follow. I will do a re-check of the titles and H1s on those pages.

Yes, at present it looks like Google has indexed everything that you have, you just need to expand on it and think about how to create content around the keywords that are important to you.

Google’s results appear to include all of the pages you have, but you’ll notice that the titles are pretty generic. They wouldn’t match specific keywords.

This might help you get started;