Site is not uploading changes to published site

I’ve made several changes in the design mode, but it is not uploading to my published site. I’ve cleared my cache, restarted both my browser and computer, and logged out of Webflow. I’ve also tried it in different browsers and on another computer. Nothing works.

It does however render correctly if I have the CMS open or in the webflow design preview mode.

This is the second website this has happened to me with. After some time it eventually corrects itself, but it is extremely frustrating when I’m trying to see how the site will look published. (I’m using some container code to expand my containers. Therefore I can’t see it rendered correctly in design preview mode)

Here is a link to my site.

The published site

There are several changes that aren’t rendering, but here are a few screen captures of what I mean

In Design preview:

In published Mode:

I also faced this issue when I switched computers to continue my project on the mac from Windows. Gave error of not being able to import a page and that it is lost even with the backup too. When I returned to Windows everything ran well without the error alert.

Hey @melphiz6 & @topelovely could you please contact with this issue? Are you still experiencing this issue? Hope the team can help!

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