Site hosted on Google Domain Not Secure

HELP! My site it currently up for CSS Design Awards Site of the Day and all of a sudden the published site is saying it is not secure.

I’m not sure why this happened as the site was working fine up until now. I have enable SSL and and use Secure Frame Headers Enabled in Hosting. Here are my DNS records.

The live site is:
Can someone please help me with this!?

Thank you

The message you’re showing says the certificate isn’t valid, but when I navigate to your site, on any browser, SSL is working fine.

Did it also resolves on your side?

Yes, I’m not sure why it was only affecting me. I had to power cycle my wifi router and reconnect then it started working. So weird I’ve never had that problem before and couldn’t find the issue with the domain so I was freaking out. All good now though. Thanks!