Site gained +5 seconds per speed index. Help getting it back?

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Good afternoon!

I was working on page speed and now, my page slowed down. Can anyone check what I can do to fix this situation? Probably something right in front of my face, I bet.


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow -

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When you’re asking about performance, a live link helps so we can have a look at your performance metrics.

I think this is yours;

Also details on what you mean by “speed index”… there are a lot of tools that evaluate performance in a lot of different ways.

Google Lighthouse shows;

With no major issues. Render blocking resources are the usual CSS and fonts, which need to block.

If you have done a lot of restyling and haven’t deleted unused styles in awhile, you might do that to reduce your CSS size. Ditch unused fonts. Optimize your images as WEBP. The usual stuff, nothing magic.

Numbers look decent.

Sorting the waterfall by file sizes… 151kb of custom JS? It took 77kb of code to get Apollo 11 to the moon, so that seems high.

Sorry about that. Here’s the live link

Thank you… This is what I’m seeing in Chrome, using lighthouse. Speed index is 9.3 seconds.

My first guess would be your network connection has issues, might run some speed tests directly on your Internet connection.

It could also be browser addons, or even problems in your cache. Perhaps run your tests in an Incognito Chrome instance and empty your cache to see what happens.

I’m in New Zealand and getting much better response.

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