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Site Export: loading and rendering issues DOM order

Hey guy!

I have a project 'im working on. A Staged version on webflow that works flawlessly and an exported version on a test server.

Webflow server: Original
Dev server: Exported version

Final site will be : Great Things Studios

But they load differently… If you open 2 tabs in your browser and refresh (F5) they act differently.

The webflow site respects the text and menu initial states. They smoothly fade into position.

The exported site shows the sites and menu THEN hides them and play the animation. Text and menu should be hidden while site is loading.

I did notice exported site has different source code than webflow version, but I don’t see where the problem resides.

Why webflow version works properly and exported site loads all funky?

Is this a DOM order issues? Script loading after the text instead of before?

Any way to fix this?

Thanks in advance,

PS: the dev server passes through Cloudflare’s DNS… if that changes something.

I have the feeling this happens since the beginning of IX1. I’ve never been able to really use a initial state for an element that should be masked. It will always flash appears on load. So I design their initial state. It’s less convenient for maintenance. For really hiden element,s difficult to edit, I make their content a symbol and gather all those symbols on a dashboard page, so editing them is easy.

Sorry I don’t have a proper solution but I don’t think there’s one.


That’s a good idea thx!

But why it’s working properly on webflow and not on the exported version? That’s weird. There is no flash appear on webflow.

I’m mostly using Weblow hosting and I still notice some flashings on load.

However it may be related to how fast your hosting is. And Webflow’s hosting is quite fast.

omg, I finally found the issue!

I disabled the Rocketloader script from loading on my server.
The script was making all .js load in async mode, which is good for speed, but not so good for rendering.

I guess you have to choose between speed or design

Thx all :slight_smile:


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