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Site Entrance Protected by reCAPTCHA

hi gang!
i’m working on a site (still in the planning phase) that is ultra-lightweight with a very specific purpose: it will provide event details, but only after the user completes a reCAPTCHA.
essentially, i’m hoping to create a simple gatekeeper that will better protect the event details and minimize spambots.

from what I can tell, a form is required for WF’s reCAPTCHA support, but I don’t want to go down the route of receiving correspondence each time someone “passes,” nor do I want to deal with form limitations.

is there a way (or are there any recommendations) to create a landing page that requires a user to complete the CAPTCHA before moving on? I’ve seen some interesting jQuery “sliders” that do this (presenting a graphical slider not unlike the original iPhone “unlock” that acts as a CAPTCHA.
they look promising, but i’m not sure how i’d implement them with WF.

i’m not a novice, but i’m not an expert (dev/coder) either.
i’m hoping for some creative ideas to make this happen…

thank you in advance!