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Site doesn't visualize correctly on firefox


I’ve done a design a while ago and I just notice that the website doesn’t visualize correctly on the firefox browser. The top section looks great but as you scroll down you can’t see the other sections, like if the background was set with an opacity.

Is there a code that I can paste somewhere to view this the right way on firefox, or anything else I can do?

the public link is:


Try to put a z:index of 3 to your navbar, z:index of 1 to your cover home section, and z:index of 2 to all the other sections.

Thank you Vincent it worked!

But at the end, the same only in firefox, it shows a blank space and you can see the cover home there.

And I notice on mobile devices that if you scroll down or up fast even after the site is already fully load it, the content disappears for a sec or two and then it shows.

Appreciate the help!

Hi Marco, It might be your browser cache if you have had a lot of site updates in a short amount of time. See my screenshot, I can see the blue and black sections at the footer and no white space:

Could you check that, and let us know if there is still and issue? Cheers, Dave


You were right about the cache it works perfectly!
Thank you I appreciate all the help.