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Site doesn't display correctly when using domain masking

I have created a very simple site for a client. She has registered a domain with GoDaddy. When I use the GoDaddy control panel to forward the domain name to the site, it is fine. As soon as I add domain masking, the site displays with huge blank spaces, and the site is cut off (doesn’t show the entire page). What am I doing wrong?

The site is

Hey @Freestyler

Domain masking is probably breaking links to js / css files. I can only assume though and maybe someone with more knowledge can step in. But it seems like you don’t want to host your site with Webflow? In terms of pointing the domain to Webflow servers. I know there is an additional cost for this service. But since your website is only a one page scrolling site (depending on your subscription) you could export the site and host everything on Godaddy with purchased hosting from them.

The easiest option of course would be stick with Webflow. Any reason you’ve opted against?

My client doesn’t want to pay extra for hosting, so wanted to go down the free hosting route.
I am, in the meantime, hosting it on Webflow. I have gone into the control panel and followed all the instructions for adding a custom domain. When I go to, it still shows in the address bar.
How do I get it to show the custom domain name?

Likely your registrar is still pointing the domain to the webflow subdomain.

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