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Site does not show up in Google after 4 days?

Hi! I just made a website in webflow and connected it with Google search console. Verified property that is. Does someone know how long time this process will take? For Google to start index the site? Google does not find the domain/site still after 4 days. Is that normal?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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@webbor Hey bud. It takes about 3 or more months for Google bots to index your content and sending it to Google.

So it would just take some time for your site to rank up.

Plus the content of your site influences whether you will show in the index or not.

Rly?? That is so strange. My other site showed up in days, but maybe i was lucky!

@webbor Yes. But also, the ranking may depend on the content you make.

The site is now visible in Google. All though Google seem to index weird stuff from the page, such as lightbox items and other weird stuff. Is there a way to prevent this?

You can’t control what elements of a page Google may or may not use to generate the SERP snippets. You can apply SEO principals to “help” Google along. There is a course for that in the Webflow university. In practice Google is a black box with gray edges.