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Site displays differently at .coop url and .io on devices

Same site same settings;

.coop downloaded html & published off server.
.io from site published to webflow


Help please



Hi @royAB, thanks for your post. Could you share the site read-only link:, this way we can see the design view in Webflow if needed.

One note, I checked, and it seems that is a domain which is loading another site via an iframe, which may be causing issues:

So it looks like the site is the one having the actual site files, is this so?

Can you check the site, and see if the layout looks the same as in Webflow?

If not, then also check the common problems section of our exporting docs:

Let us know how things go. Cheers, Dave

Hi Dave

Share below

Since posting I’ve had time to do some looking myself & suspect it is due to an iframe on the redirect.

Files are at

In Webflow (PC screen) files from both .coop, and .io all look the same. it’s only on devices coming through .coop forwarding that there’s a problem. .io and are good on devices.

In touch with the .coop forwarder to get the link straight to the IP and not through an iframe so that should fix.

If not, I’ll be back to you



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