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Site Design Looks Different at Same Breakpoint on Different Displays


I was viewing my site in the designer on desktop view, at a lower breakpoint than the default, and I noticed that it looks a lot different at the same breakpoint size (992px) on my 13" Macbook vs. my 24" LG display. I’m wondering if anyone knows why that is, and if so, which one I should try to design around? The page looks much better at 992px on my Macbook vs. the LG (screenshots are attached and my site’s read only link is below). Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated.


Here is my site Read-Only:

You can see different all devices from laptop, tablet, smartphone and desktop computer. For examples; laptop sizes 13, 14, 15 and 17 and choose monitor size 24 to 27. Yes, good full website 992px up to 1000px. Your eyes all testing new website.

Thanks for the response. I guess I’m not fully following—I’m confused why the same pixel settings of 992 looks different on the two screens in the designer. Shouldn’t they look the same at 992, regardless of what screen I’m using?

Yes, I will inspect good there is responsive 624 x full website 991px and improve 87%. I do 992px done OK.

@alexstanton17 - Look at your screen shot dimensions. There in lies your partial answer.

I appreciate the response. And got it—I wasn’t sure if the size of the screen would impact the specific view of 992px in the designer, but I’m guessing it does based on your answer!

Yes, correct 992px move to 991px! Don’t worry please.