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Site crawling - Nav not loading

I’ve noticed that after my last update, republish and reupload to my server, the site is crawling, getting hung up again.

The problem seems to be a bit of code referring to CarrierZone and this completely hangs up the site. Everything, images and text, loads just fine but it takes about 20+ second for the navigation to finally appear.

There is no “Custom Code” on the Site Settings.

Further, when looking at the website in SublimeText to try to remove the code, it doesnt show up on the local index.html file… only when I “View Source” on the live site

SublimeText screenshot:

Live site Source:

I tried running a speed test on Pingdom and it’s over 20 seconds.

it seems like something on your server is adding that extra code automatically. I can’t tell because you’re not hosting the site on Webflow servers.

Thank you for the reply.

I have many sites hosted in the same place for years and have never seen this. What’s strange is that the site was loading just fine until yesterday,

seems like you’re hosting with

try emailing their support team

I have emailed them.

But how can code be added by the host, to a completed page, which is already uploaded to the server?

I don’t see how this can be the case.

Apparently it was in fact the hosting company. Their analytics was causing the lag time. I have asked them to turn it off, which they did, and the site now loads much faster.

I asked them why they would use a system that is known to cause such lag on clients’ sites. We
ll see what they come back with.

If anyone has a sec to test I’d appreciate it: