Site crashing when I click on select field

A site that I made is crashing and reloading on Safari whenever a select field is clicked. Does anyone know why this might have started happening or how I can resolve this?

Here is the page where it’s happening, and it’s only happening on Safari.

It has been working for months and just started getting this error.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Which version of Safari? OS X or IOS?

Sorry I forgot to include! Only on OSX (it seems to work fine on IOS) and I’m encountering on version 12.1.2.

This is being caused by your use of a custom font on the select element. Derived by the class name “selector-feild” which has font-family: Quicksand, sans-serif;


Thank you very much! That worked. Is this a new change though not being able to use custom fonts in the select element. It seems to just have stopped working recently and while I would much rather the site function, ideally, I would be able to have a custom font on that element.

I think it may be related to just that Google font. There was an old bug , circa 2011, with webkit that was resolved. Some issues exist related to not specifying the weight with Google fonts and Safari. As a general rule, I have always avoided using custom fonts in select fields for just this reason.

I will say It was a tough one to track down. Glad it resolved the issue on your production site. Cheers.

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