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Site crash / Designer issue? (resolved-custom code issue)

Hi !

I just discovered that my website completely crashed. My first section appear and then they are all mixed up or not visible. See here :

I have checked everything and I don’t understand what causes this, any hints or ideas would be greatly appreciated !

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hi @Antoine_Bell

Can you try setting the body back to ‘auto’ height, and publishing to see if that improves things?

Also are you using any custom code?

Hi @StuM !

I just did this and published again, doesn’t seem to work…
What’s weird is that if I preview from the designer, everything works flawlessly but on the published website it is this awful mix of everything.

I have no custom code.

Hmm, mysterious!

Do any of your (legacy) interactions have an initial state which might be affecting things?

@StuM Nope, it’s really weird.

I didn’t made any recent changes when it happened. I guess Webflow has changed their code somewhere which broke my design?

If somebody from the team could have a look to this, would be great !

The team are officially only available Mon-Fri - though will sometimes be spotted on the forum outside of that in their spare time. You could send support an email: so it is in the system for Monday morning.

Can you remember the last time you made a change/publish, before discovering this?

@vincent @cyberdave @garymichael1313 - any thoughts on this one? Seems strange that the designer is showing different to the published site with no custom code involved? Bug?

I sent a support request. We’ll see what I get from this one.

I just checked, 25 days ago… I checked my website multiple times between this last change and the bug.

The page starts to bug where there’s a custom code blocks that has a missing closing tag.

This block is also duplicated towards the end of the page, with no closing tag either.

So everything between the opening tag of the first custom code to the closing tag of the third custom code is missing, because it’s not considered html and not published.

edit: actually it’s published, it’s piled up in the mixed css embed, so it’s not interpreted by the browser.

Add closing tags and remove your duplicate embed element, this should repair the page.


There’s a reason for this I think. Until recently, Webflow was more cautious than now and was adding your missing closing tags. But this practice isn’t good, it covers your mistakes and prevent others to use blocks of code they’ll close elsewhere (I guess…).

So if you just published after the change, that’s what may have happened. There was an announcement about this change:


Aha, so there was some custom code after all :wink:

Thanks @vincent - sounds like another case where this recent WF change was the reason behind the glitch

@Antoine_Bell - let us know if this fixes things

@vincent @StuM Working perfectly with a closing tag ! Thank you very much for your help guys ! It is really appreciated :slight_smile:
I had missed this announcement from Webflow.

Sorry, I forgot about this custom code :laughing:

We forgive you - good job :eagle: eyed @vincent was around :laughing: