Site broken in Editor but alright everywhere else

Hello everyone,

I’m new to Webflow and with some minor experience in coding and have really been enjoying learning and figuring out this platform.

I’ve gotten started on a project and everything seems to look alright (Desktop—haven’t fixed anything for other viewport sizes) for in both the Designer preview and when I publish the site, but when I try to view it in the Editor everything is pretty much broken.

Right now there are only 2 pages: Home and Exhibitions—with Exhibitions being completely blank in the Editor.

I’m not sure if this is because I’ve gotten the whole foundation of the site wrong, or if there’s some other reason? I would really appreciate any feedback / ideas on why this is happening. If it means redoing the whole site (oh man!) better to fix it early on than when I’ve built all the other pages.

Thanks very much! Please see read-only link to the site here: LINK



How are you viewing the editor? Through your account, or have you made another “client” account?

you say things are “broken” but what do you mean?

Can you double check that you have published the site??

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for writing back. I’m viewing it through my account. Sorry I didn’t describe it well—here are some screenshots to illustrate:

Yes I have :frowning: I’ve also tried accessing through another browser in case that might help but it’s exactly the same.

Thanks again!

Can you share the published site link so we can look at the code?

Hi Jonathan,

Here it is: LINK

Thanks again!


I’ve tried fixing the “foundations” (i.e. grid etc.) of the site to see if it will help. It did marginally look better but it’s still “broken” in the Editor view. At this point I’m really not sure how else to fix this :frowning:

Please find below the updated links and screenshots:
Published site
Read-only link

Screenshots of “broken” Editor view (accessed via the main login of my account, not client account):

Home page

Exhibitions page

Would really appreciate any feedback you can give. Thanks!