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Site breaking when posting

So I just posted my new site, which so far as I could tell looked fine. When I posted it to the sub-domain everything seems great, but as soon as I posted it to my URL it all broke. Everything appears tiny and out of place even though the same content is posted is posted on the sub-domain where it looks fine. I’m very confused.

Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
Sub-domain post: LINK
Main domain/ URL post: LINK

This just got a lot weirder. So here’s what I’m seeing when I visit my site:

while on my sub-domain it looks fine:

But here’s where it gets weird:

When i open my site on my laptop or on this very computer with a incognito window it appears fine…WTF!!! lol

Hi @Maydris

Can you try clearing your cache? Maybe some styles are broken on your custom domain.

Let me know if that helps!

hey @donaldsv
That did the trick; thanks a bunch! Glad to know its working, I was short on time!

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@donaldsv Scratch that, still broken. After I tried clearing the cache before it work, but after a bit reverted. I tried clearing all the cache data, but that didn’t seem to fix it this times. Another bit of weirdness; I have 2 URLs, going to one seems to mess it up, but not when using the other. It doesn’t matter if its in an incognito window, its broke their too. So far as I have seen it looks fine on all my other devices I have checked.

Any ideas of other things to try?

Can you please update the link to your main domain? It doesn’t work right now.

@donaldsv fixed the third link, but in case it still doesn’t work its
maydris .com

@Maydris From my end, everything looks exactly the same on both the sub-domain and main domain. I’ve tested it on Mac, PC, iPad and iPhone and everything is perfect! Cool site by the way :slight_smile:

Can you test it on another device?

Thanks @donaldsv ! Glad you like it. Glad its working lol.

I have tested it on a few other devices and for the most part it looks fine (though a little janky on my pc attached to my TV). I’m not sure why my primary desktop pc is being difficult. As I said it looked perfectly fine on my laptop and I haven’t heard any complaints from other people I sent it to (though they don’t know what both versions look like)

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