Site border creating unwanted scroll

I’m trying to put a 10px black border around my website. The added margin pushes my website outside the view, allowing the user/client to scroll. How do I keep the border all the way around, without allowing any scrolling?

Any help is appreciated,
Kind Regards, Paul

Hi Paulie use the the actual border element and not create a border using margins. Right under the background color. You will find border element. You can make it 10px wide. That should be it. The other thing I would do is set your main wrapper to 100% width or 100VW (view width) That will ensure your main wrapper fills 100%

Hope this helps


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Ah… I feel extremely stupid to have missed this, thankyou!

Kind Regards, Paul

Not at all Paulie, I have found it takes time to figure things out and then if I haven’t used that particular function in a while then I have to do a refresher. There are so many features to webflow when I look at some of the other sites created. I know I’m just scratching the surface.