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Site Architecture

Good Morning,

I’m building a website for a CLIENT.

In this post, I’m going to outline what I need to build.

Might people let me know if this type of site architecture is possible with WebFlow, its Editor, and CMS?

  1. CLIENT will have CUSTOMER(s).
  2. Every CUSTOMER will have a Page.
  • CUSTOMER Page must be password protected for CUSTOMER to log-in.
  1. The CUSTOMER Page will be unique, but I hope based on a CMS Template, with fields such as “Company”, “Logo”, “Video”. I also need to have a section where the CLIENT can upload documents that are unique to each CUSTOMER, so that the CUSTOMER can download the documents.

  2. The CLIENT will be able to log-in as an Editor, and create a new CUSTOMER in CMS. An empty CUSTOMER page would automatically be generated. (I’m hoping this can be done by having the CLIENT simply create a new CMS entry.)

  3. The CLIENT will then be able to populate fields on this CUSTOMER page with specialized information for the CUSTOMER.

  • Would it be possible, for instance, for the CLIENT to upload PDF attachments to the CUSTOMER page, so that when the CUSTOMER logs-in, they can download the PDF attachments?
  1. The CLIENT then sends USERNAME and PASSWORD to the CUSTOMER, where they can log-in and see ONLY their CUSTOMER page.

That is the general idea. Does anything stand out as impossible? What’s most important is being able to upload/download PDF attachments to each CUSTOMER page.

Thank you for any advice!

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Hello @kevininaustin

1. Yes, you can use the CMS for the CUSTOMER collection. The customer CMS collection will contain the CUSTOMERS pages.

2. Yes, you can upload documents and the CUSTOMERS will be able to download them.

3. Yes, If the CLIENT adds a new CUSTOMER there will be a CMS page for that CUSTOMER

4. Yes, the client can upload documents and the CUSTOMER will be able to download.

The only problem here is that the CMS collection pages don’t have a native password protection like the other pages.

Hope this helps.

Piter :webflow_heart: