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Site all messed up suddenly

I’ve just come back after a 2 week holiday to find that the site I was working on which was absolutely fine is all broken.
There are too many issues to get into details but basically it is broken independently of how far back I go on my backups.
I had some overlays that appeared on hover and the positioning of ALL of them is now messed up. I really don’t know where to start fixing this as it wasn’t broken when I left it.
To top things the site appears broken both in the editor and the exported version. As I said the site was fine when I left it 2 weeks ago and nobody has touched it since.
Has something changed over the last 2 weeks?? What can cause this?

I’ve fixed it but I don’t know how or how it broke in the first place while NO ONE touched it. I’d really like to find out what happened as it’s extremely worrying that something like this can happen to a published site.

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