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Site Alignment Help

Hi all,

Trying to suss out what is going wrong with my site. When I flick the site to Ipad or Mobile mode the image skews and isnt staying centred.

It is likely something very simple, that as a newb I have completely missed.

See couple of screenshots below.

Any ideas what this is?

Cheers in advance

Which page is this on?

Technically all of the project pages - but lets use ‘Grande Petite’ as the example

If you remove the left margin from the image ‘centreing’ you should be all set up dude! You probably just missed it first time round.

Hope that helps!

Wholly shit I am pleb


These things happen to all of us! Safe travels!


Ok - how bout this one - how do I get that image to stay centred?

Looks like the image is centered now :blush: