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Single Section Page - Unnecessary scrolling

Hey All,

I’m having difficulty with pages on my site that consist of only a single section. I’d like the page to be only as tall as the viewport without scrolling further than the footer. However, on desktop, my ‘About’ page always has more empty space after the footer, allowing the user to scroll slightly past it, even though all the content is well within the viewport.

You can check out the preview here: about 2
Red-only link below

Any idea what’s causing this? The footer not being at the bottom is something i run into a lot with single section pages :s

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Lukas' Photography

Margin-top:100px on your section is causing this clashing with its setting of min-height.

hey dram, thanks fo checking it out and helping me. So that leads me to my next question, i have the margin there so the content ins not all the way at the top and in line with the menu bar. What should i do to achieve this if the margin is clashing

Use padding-top to achieve the same without the overflow.