Single month headings on CMS event list

Does anybody know how I can have the month just showing up once on an event list?

I would like to have an events list that has a single heading (Jan, Feb etc) for each month, and have that month’s events listed below it with the specific day shown but not a repetition of the month:

I plan to have an ‘upcoming events’ page and also on a ‘past events’ page and I would like to use pagination, either a native or Fnsweet solution, with these pages so any solution would need to work with this.

Any pointers on how I can do this would be great!

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When I need grouping headings, I build the headings at the item level, default hidden, and then have a script which scans the results and unhides only the first of each group.

This will work with FS load and FS filter but you’d need to design your custom code to repeat this process ( hide all, scan, show first variant ), and the be triggered on both page changes and filter changes.

You’ll also need to make certain sorting is always by group so that grouped items can coalesce into the same portion of your list.

Note that FS Load only emits the elements that are actually on the page, so if you’re on page 2, and midway through a group, it will still see item 1 as the start of a new group, which is generally what you want from a display perspective.

Thanks very much for your reply Michael. Very helpful!

I’m going to ask my client to see if they can live without the month headings. If they still want this I’ll try to get friend to write the script. -Which I’ll post here for the community if it happens.

Thanks again!