Simultaneously apply anchor scroll + Interactions 2.0 upon button click?


On the “Books” page I want to show reviews upon button click, so far the interaction works perfect.

I also set an ID for “review-placeholder” and would like the page to be scrolled upon button click SIMULTANEOUSLY with interaction effect.

However now upon first click it applies interaction and upon second click it scrolls…

Any workaround?


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Still no solution…

The very element that’s having the ID also has an interaction setting it’s default to display:none.

See where I go with this? When you click the button, there’s no place to scroll to, yet…

Remove the ID from this element, create an empty element just before it, make sure this one doesn’t get hidden, and point to it instead. That’s one of the various solution that I can think of.

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This is genius!

Thanks a lot Vincent :relaxed::webflow_heart:

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