Simultaneous Interactions?

I have an H1 block of text that slides down from above on page load. And I have an P block of text that slides up from below on page load.

How do I tell WF to trigger both animations to start at the same time rather than one after the other?


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There are a few things here;

Firstly, the timing of the H1 animation is set to 1s vs 0.5 of the text.

Secondly, the animation type of H1 is In Out Quad vs Linear for the text.

I also found that making them move both 100px seemed to look nicer than having one move 40px and the other 100px.

Aligning these parameters in the two interactions will solve the issue.

Right you are, iratefox!

I followed your suggestions exactly and now everything works perfectly. Thank you so much for your generous help.


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