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Simulate Product Type (Check out & Order Confirmation)

Hi all. I tried looking for it in the forums without luck, but is there a way to simulate different product types in designer for both the checkout and order confirmation pages? The order confirmation is a bit more important because that’s a place when a downloads panel will be shown, but with condition visibility to hide that panel for only orders with downloads, it still doesn’t show up for me to finalize it’s design. Even temporarily removing the conditions doesn’t display it properly.

I’m guessing I either missed something really obvious (sorry), or this is something (hopefully) being handled soon as download products have recently come out of beta.


Hello @jonway
Can surely help you on that with my expert, would like to know more about it.
please mail the details at austin(at)cisinlabs(dot)com / ping me at S{k}YPE: austin_3383