Simplecast Podcast Episodes don't load in series

Hello all,

I have launched a podcast and I am having trouble getting my episodes to load on my site properly in series. The same thing is happening with my e-commerce store as well so I know I have something wrong with my collection.


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Barney Design Co.
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Did you happen to get the issue resolved?

If not, can you give me a bit more information about what should be happening with the Podcasts? On the page below, I’m seeing three episodes (001, 002, 003) and this appears to coincide with your BDC Podcast collection items:


Hi @mikeyevin,
Thanks for the response. Sorry it took me a minute to respond. I should be more on it.
On the site the player is not loading each episode in order… I followed the direction from simple cast but it loads only the most recent episode in the player…

This image shows what I mean…

Ah no worries at all, and thanks for the extra information. I took a peek at your Embed element, and other than an error on the code itself (shown in red) you’re not using any any Dynamic Fields—meaning each item is just rendering identical code:

You can fix the code error by removing the extra <iframe> opening tag with variables at the beginning (highlighted in the screenshot below):


After fixing the code error, you can get that unique URL included in your Embed Element iFrame code by selecting your entire src URL and clicking the “+ Add Field” button to replace that selection with a Dynamic Field. Keep in mind that it won’t show up in the dropdown of available fields in the Embed Element until you change the custom field type to “Plain Text”—right now it’s a Rich Text field and these aren’t available to use in the Embed Element custom code:


I took a peek at Simplecast embed instructions here, and it looks like the short link URL they provide uses a “sluggified” version of the podcast title. That means, that you can probably automate the process a bit by simply matching the name of the collection item on the site with the podcast name in Simplecast (potentially with a bit of custom code to truncate the slug as needed)—and just replace the end of the iFrame URL instead. This code is a bit different from what you’re currently using, and may be limited to only certain account levels on Simplecast, but it would eliminate a field from your collection and save you the copying/pasting of that URL when you make a post on the site.

Hopefully that all makes sense, but I’m happy to walk you through either solution in more depth if you have any other questions. Happy Holidays! :santa:

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Oh man, I totally understand what you are saying but I am missing a bit of the detail.
I want to automate the process as much as possible. In a perfect world, I could import the descriptions and more, but for now, I want the series to load in order in the player… I am working on your solution right now.
Again thank you so much for your time.

I am trying to find where I add the dynamic field in the collection with plain text. I must be missing something simple.

First you need to add back the “Podcast Embed” custom field to your BDC Podcast collection, but make sure the type is set to Plain Text. Once you’ve got that added, make sure to add only the URL within the Simplecast embed code to this field for each collection item (what I have selected in the following screenshot):


Note: Since most of this URL will actually stay the same between episodes, you can choose to only select the string between and ?dark=false, however most embed fields automatically select the entire line for easy copy/pasting. Feel free to shorten this to only the “unique” portion of the URL if that’s not the case.

Now that you’ve got the unique URL for each of your podcast episode collection items, just head into your Embed Element HTML, select the same portion of the code shown above, click the “+ Add Field” button, and choose the “Podcast Embed” option:



Note: I used the “slug” field option as I don’t have the ability to create collection fields on read-only projects, so in your case the dropdown option and Dynamic Field should be the newly created Podcast Embed label containing the episode URL.

Once you’ve got that added, just save the Embed Element and you should see unique podcasts displayed within your Podcast Collection List. :+1:

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Bro! You are so badass! thank you! It works, and I learned something big about CMS automation! Thank you thank you thank you. You deserve a prize. Please send me an email or find me on insta and get me your address!

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