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Simple Search Box

Hi. I am trying to make a simple search box to the right hand side of my navigation. I will handle the search in my cms I am just trying to get the layout done. I want a classic search , textbox with submit button to the right all in the top right of my navigation. I can get a DIV block in the right place and behaving correctly what the best way to go about this, i dont need a fully fledged form just the layout.



Put a embed there with <input name="search" type="textfield" class="input search" placeholder="Search..." />

thanks, still trying to get this right, with styled button. A simple site search option would be great. Thanks for pointers

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You could first create a form with input form, style it however you want it etc. Than you could delete that form and input and embed code with input only that will have that search class you had on previous input. That should do the trick :wink:

Yep thats a nice idea, thanks