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Simple scroll animation troubleshoot

Hi… super simple question here that I hope will have a super simple answer! I’m a beginner to Webflow and wanted to practice the simplest of scroll animations to get a feel for the interactions panel. I’m failing to see where my animation is failing. I have start and finish keyframes set for movement, but when I switch to live preview (and real Preview too) the animation simply doesn’t work. Frustratingly, I did make another simple scroll animation that worked perfectly and when I compare the two, I can’t see any difference in the set up… can someone point out what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

You do not have any elements selected in your interactions panel

This would probably be why nothing is interacting on scroll.

If you remove an element then you have to re-link the interaction to the corresponding element. That being said, when I went in there I found a bunch of things that probably need to be addressed. I made a quick video walking through a few things. hope it helps.

here is a video link

Thank you by the way!! I appreciate the help :slight_smile:

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