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Simple Question - New Hover Category for "Forms"

I here there is a new hover category to allow styling of the different fields in a form. Do I need to run an update or is this limited to certain types of Webflow purchased levels,

Hi @rjbiccum

It looks like it will only show on a form element, if it’s not showing on a project you already had open, maybe close and re-open the project, see if it shows then?

Hope that helps

Thanks Stu, I tried that, no joy. I am on the 10 site max plan, is that an issue. I could re-boot and see if that works
this is my read only site:

Are you clicking on an actual form input field?

On your contact page, click on the ‘name’ field - give it a class - it then shows up for me!

Operator Error, thanks, I was selecting the entire form in the navigator. Works for me too, lol
Thanks very much

Great! Happens to us all!

The vast majority of features within the designer are for every user - sometimes you have to have a certain plan to increase limits in the CMS, but for the most part a Webflow feature works across the board :slight_smile:

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