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Simple question about Nav Bar


I am currently using a “text block” as a nav bar(where i am individually linking each page), and I am just wondering if that is an appropriate way of making a nav bar, and if it will respond well on other devices. The reason I am not using the “Nav bar” element, is because I don’t need what it comes with (logo, background, etc)


Depends on how many links you have. If you don’t go over, let’s say three, you should be fine on mobile (have them visible side-by-side and still not too tiny in size. If you got more than three, you’re going to run in to trouble because you’ll end up with too many links and it’s not a very usable mobile solution, hence the “hamburger” icons presence on mobile devices.

Why don’t you just use the native “Nav bar”, get rid of the “brand” element and the background? Should be lot easier and time-saving instead of re-creating everything from scratch so it’s mobile friendly as well.


Thanks for the clarification. I believe I’ll go ahead with what you have suggested.

Thanks a lot Steven!

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