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Simple navigation not showing hamburger menu at all


Not sure if you can see this link, but I’ve added in all my elements to my navigation menu. When I check it in any other size besides desktop, then I lose my menu altogether. Also, the logo does not seem to be sizing down either:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

@tiCreativeMedia welcome to the forum. Could you share your read-only link? ( . The link you shared is your own personal link, we don’t have the super power on the forum of logging in on those :wink: .

Hi Sara,

I actually see that it is a refresh issue with webflow. In addition to that, I just purchased a subscription then downloaded the site only to see that nothing aligns the same, so I’ve had to cancel my subscription and hire someone to write my code from the ground up.


That escalated quickly! Sorry to hear you’re finding webflow isn’t for you right now @tiCreativeMedia. Anything we can do to help you enjoy the platform again?

well the only way would be for it to look the same way it does when I’m creating it.

in addition to that, I used the video widget and it’s not even working:

that’s not your read-only link :wink:

Have you considered screen sizes when you’re designing? Webflow uses a dynamic/responsive design system. This means each screen (and the designer vs. published look since the designer has the panels on both sides making the screen space smaller) will display the website differently. Could this be the issue?

Hi Sarah,

Here is the link from webflow. You can see the alignment is much better and the video works


I know it’s not my read only link but it shows you that the file export is not working

okay, so the video is a lightbox and you added the link to the yt video in the lightbox field. I didn’t spot that before. It should work on export. Not exactly sure what’s going on here.

yep… definitely not working, and as you can see the text in the majority of the page is nowhere near the same as what I have in Webflow

should I grant you access to my file so you can see the video is not working?


Hi Sarah,

Any ideas on solutions for this? I’ve tried several times downloading the code and its just not working. I can preview in webflow, publish in webflow and it looks fine, but I need the source code to put on my client’s site, and the alignment is off, the video doesn’t work and the hamburger menu is also not working



Checking in again and now my project is overdue. Is there a workaround?


Dave, your published link that is located here

looks exactly like things look in your read-only. Could you again clarify what are the issues you are facing?

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