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Simple members area


I’m new to WF, and wanted to ask;
Has anyone created a simple Members only login area where people can download assets, like simple PDF’s etc. Plus if users sign up the owner of the site gets a notification to say yay or nay. similar to wordpress user stuff but we are aiming to use WF more now.

Many thanks for reading!

Hi, this is not natively available in Webflow, so you would need a custom script. However, others in the community may have a solution. I do have a really simple suggestion, that I have personally deployed and it’s super simple to insert. Plus it’s a one-time affordable fee, no monthly costs. You have access to all css, files and you will have to manage it yourself. For the price and type of user interactivity, it’s going to be the easiest implementation online.

It’s only a simple couple lines of code in header. The good thing is, it’s a php script, but can run on any type site, HTML, Wordpress, Static HTML, or any site. How it will work is - you’d install it on your own server, then create pages anywhere online. Inside each page, add the script, and you can choose individual directories, pages or entire sites. In Webflow, you’ll create the page, then add the script in the header. It will call the members script on your server and will activate. It works well. Go here:

For questions, contact the developer, his name is Adrian Jones. He’s a really nice guy and you can tell him I referred you.


Hi there, Thanks so much for that, will definitely give it a look, we’re used to playing around with PHP so all sounds straightforward.


Cool, no problem. Oh another awesome thing they’ve done is, created an integrated API with Stripe! You won’t have double that up either. You’ll actually get the call automatically inside a button. So a user clicks your button to pay or join, then it merges with Stripe to authenticate or receive payment. Stripe creates the user in Stripe admin, but Sitelok will generate a user as well in their admin, and the user gets notified too. You know this from experience, it’s really not easy implementing member’s areas, but they have a very seamless process. From then on, the user can manage their credentials. The only thing I would like more, is a deeper user account. That’s the only criticism I have.

Take care.

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Great stuff, thanks for the additional info! :grinning:
Take it easy.

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