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Simple Domain Redirect causing problems on Mobile view

I’m having the following problem and I hop the webflow community can help:

I’ve realised few webpages for a customer ( The customer is owning a 2nd domain name with the .it extension and he has asked me if it was possible to redirect the .it to the .com from the registrar control panel, that allows this with an interesting feature that “masks” the complete URL to the users. So if I say redirect the to the the user will always see in his navbar even if the URL is or even on an external link like , that is the external webshop of my customer.

The redirect done in this particular way works fine on Computers viewport, and you can see by yourself , but DOESN’T work on mobile (see the difference below)

The redirect HTML file is very simple but maybe needs some adjustement for different viewports??


<link rel="icon" href="logo.jpg" />

<frameset rows="*">
<frame name="principale" src="">



That is NOT a redirect, but an iframe.

You’ll want to add the other domain name to your site hosting, and then set a primary domain.

Please refer to the help center for more details.

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