Silly mobile menu overflow question

Clearly something I’m doing wrong due to my inexperience with Webflow (just started!), but the text within a default mobile menu / dropdown list is spilling out of its container as shown below for the line beginning ‘Our Residential…’

I assumed it would just run around within its container?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Individual Care Services
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Sorry to pester, does anyone know who this is happening please?

Hey @ConnectCreativeDes,

Add a combo class prewrapon Text Block 4 and on every block you have the issue.

Put this code on the head of your page

.prewrap {
    white-space:pre-wrap !important;

Publish, and have a look at the publish version, it should work.
Hope this helps

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Many thanks! You’re a star, that worked a treat thank you.

I’m surprised that I need custom code for (what appears to be) such a straightforward thing, I assumed I was just doing it wrong as I’m using the stock navigation element?

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Hey @ConnectCreativeDes, you did nothing wrong, it’s just the way webflow pre-config the dropdown, for some reason (and i guess for great reasons) they think it’s the best config.
Have a nice day,

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