Sign Up Page not found?

Hello everyone!
I just got access to the new subscription beta and after successfully setting everything up, I was trying to test the whole process with the published site.
But as soon as I try to click on SignUp an error occurs which states “Page not found”.
I’ve redirected it a few times and checked if I linked everything correct, but the same error occurs.
Hopefully someone is able to help me here.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Hey Ruben,

Since Memberships is still in Beta, unfortunately the features aren’t enabled on read-only projects yet. So it’s a little tricky for us to troubleshoot from the forum, as we would only have a limited overview of how your project/links are actually configured.

I reckon it’d probably be best to reach out to Webflow Support directly for this one - since they’ll have the access required to investigate this in detail :slight_smile:

Here’s a direct link to the support form to fill out:

The first thing i’d probably check is that you’ve republished the site correctly after changing the links, and making sure that none of your slugs conflict with the reserved slugs of the Memberships utility pages that are auto-generated by Webflow (e.g. /sign-up).

Provided everything is configured correctly and you don’t have any conflicting slugs, you should be able to link to the /sign-up page by using the Page Link feature.

This is how linking to the WF-generated /sign-up utility page works on my Memberships beta project:

Hope this helps! And best of luck :pray: