Sign up form won't close once opened


Please can somebody help me.

I have a form on my site that when opened won’t close i.e. the X in the top left hand corner doesn’t do anything.

Context to this is that somebody built me the site, I then decided to take over and do it myself. I don’t know where to find the form in the editor as when I click on it on the Nav bar nothing shows up on my editing screen.

Any help would be appreciated!

Note that on the published site it still works.

Here is my public share link:

Hey Tom a lot to show you and discuss, so here’s a video;

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Hey Michael, thanks for that, very helpful!

I suspect I broke it when I was adding and then removing animations to the page.

Based on your advice, I think third party form integration will be the quickest & easiest solution.

Will take a look into that.