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Hi Community,

How do I manage the Newsletter Section and how do I link the Social Media Icons to actual Social Media pages?

Thankful for any help!

Hi @Sara, thanks for your post. How are you trying to manage the newsletter form? What are you trying to accomplish?

To update icons, select the icon and then update the settings for that widget in the Settings Panel There in Settings you can put in the URLs to your social media sites.

To get faster help, remember to post your site read-only link if you need help in the designer:

Cheers, Dave

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Hi Dave, thank you for your reply. I woke up this am and figured I would just place the social media icons in a link link block and then name it a specific class - from there I was able to link the icon to a specific social media site. Thank you for your reply though and I will make sure to share the site as read only as I move forward :smile:

I don’t have a newsletter currently so maybe I will remove that all together.

Hi @Sara, sounds good. Feel free to post in the forum if you have questions, this community is all about information sharing :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

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