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In a recent community interview the CEO vaguely mentioned summer for the release.

He also said that Membership and Logic will be launched together.

Could not have said it better. I have put using webflow on hold for the last 1.5 years. Now I have returned and nothing much has changed since then.

The webflow team has been keeping everybody in dark for the last 3 years for a lousy membership feature that has been coming for the last three summers!!!.

Instead of tweeting geeky stuff, please concentrate on bringing core features to life.

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Hello all – I’m Robert with a quick update from Memberstack. I’m probably not well-versed enough on Webflow’s upcoming memberships release to compare the two, but I can hopefully point you to relevant information around our upcoming 2.0 release.

You can get a more hands-on look at this in the early access (I’ll link it below), but most of the changes come from feedback and requests we’ve gotten from users. This includes things like new client and admin APIs, improved auth and payments features, support for multiple plans per member, and and a new test mode environment. We’re also now more fully integrated with Stripe (Hosted Checkout and Customer Billing).

It’s almost certain that the product that Memberstack and Webflow will offer won’t be identical, so I really encourage you to follow both as they come out.

Here is the link for the closed beta. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.

cc: @willdogg @renzetc @paulwebb @arulz @Andrew_Nalder

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