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Not on the Membership feature, not on anything. They should start with a pipeline for the users, a transparant overview of “upcoming features”. There are too many features I’m missing and waiting on, and no idea if they are working on it or if I have to wait another 3 years.


The lack of post-announcement communication is pretty disappointing.

It would be great to know if this feature is supposed to be live in 3 months or 3 years…

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I am an agency, I was going to start using webflow, but I have a big doubt when I see that the questions remain unanswered.


We have an association site that we need to push out a membership area on. We have been trialing memberstack which is great but I think would like to see webflows offering. We have been waiting from Christmas for some sort or update. It is very difficult when you have dead lines.

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Totally agree. Like any project it is expectation management that is the single most important value proposition. I have been an advocate of Webflow for years. Absolutely love it but community engagement has been poor. Training, clever how to’s - awesome videos killer app all amazing. Telling the community what is going on and allowing us to plan project around new features - Terrible!!! It is like Microsoft of old, “don’t use that tool we have a better one just around the corner.”

Please do better - tell us what is happening with Memberships & Logic. Is it harder than you though and it will be late this year or what? Is it technical or busines issue such as a need to change the pricing models?

I have seen the demos and it was presented as being soon (or at least I thought that was what was implied) if they have no idea, say so, if it will be a year, say so…


Still waiting for memberships and logic

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I still only hear crickets. Does anyone know anyone who has a friend of a friend that has used it in Beta? They have been better than the Apple of old in keeping things secret. We want to have a website where our business clients can log on to see account-specific information. We are using another system at the moment but is not really the fit we need for the longer term. We have held off using something else with the expectation that it will be available soon. So far we have been very wrong and I now have no idea if it will even be this year. Even a hint would help.


Adding my name to the list here. I’ve also been waiting for Memberstack to release their long-promised version 2 (announced early last year). I thought Webflow might come and beat them to the punch, but it feels like a race to the bottom in both communication and delivery.

Maybe this is really, really, really hard.


The lack of information is -extremely- frustrating. Knowing that “memberships” is in the pipeline but not having any timeline hugely hinders our ability to plan effectively. This isn’t just some minor CMS upgrade; it drastically alters the entire way in which a site needs to be planned and built. Knowing how we can best help our clients without building an entire site that might need to be overhauled in a month or two would be a common courtesy, one would think.

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Also here to express disappointment give Webflow’s lack of transparency. What looked like a promising set of updates to catch up or rival competitors (who continue to push forward their platforms) we are given nothing but silence and minor insignificant updates we’d rather defer.

A good start would be publishing a realistic roadmap for these features for developers to know whether or not to use other services or third party integrations.


Precisely. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

FYI: In the community update it was mentioned that Memberships/Logic could possibly be released this summer.

Testing with selected projects has apparently already started.

This was announced WAY too early, I held off on rebuidling our site when it was announced as it really seemed like it was going to be soon.

Christmas came and went, I held my breath in March and played with memberstack. Really need to see webflows offering but it is know June. I hope we do not loose our customer

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Hi Paul, having been a Webflow guy since 2015 one thing I have learnt is to never wait for features to come out. Just sell what you know you can deliver today. When memberships comes out it will probably not do everything you’d like it to do anyway. Use Memberstack or Outseta, at least their limitations are well documented and there are plenty of tutorials. Eventually, Webflow will have it worked out but at least you haven’t held yourself back in the meantime.

Can we please receive an update on logic and memberships. I see I’m not the only one who feels there has been a lack of updates. Some of us are dependent on features like this for work. It would be of common courtesy to lay out a realistic timeline of when we should expect these features - or if they are being delayed.

  • Lack of updates on Logic and Membership
  • Phasing out of client billing
  • Still no ability to send forms submissions to different email addresses

all combine into one big development red flag for me.

Webflow said they are phasing out client billing to focus on core feature development.

Seriously? I understand development is conplex but how many developers does it take to maintain a simple client billing feature, especially when enterprise-level tools like Stripe are available?

Clearly this hasn’t freed up much time if you can’t do something as simple as send different form submissions to different emails and or provide any sort of timeline for Logic and Memberships.

There’s no live support either so frankly I’m not sure what all of the staff are up to. Again I appreciate that development is complex and that Webflow is already very powerful and a pleasure to use, but at this rate Webflow is likely to be passed out by its competition in the future.

Dear Webflow Team,

is it fear of committing to something? A timeline? A date? Many of us here don’t want specific dates, that you sell your corporate soul over.

But yes, we would like to feel that you have a sense of commitment to us, your customers. Because many of us have staked parts of our livelyhood and our trust in your company (form very, very, early stages on). And I am not talking about a technological commitment. You’ve got that covered.

It’s simply just a commitment to communicate. And it really wouldn’t be hard at all. Just come straight at us. Tell us what’s happening or even what’s setting you back in certain developments. I am sure that’s what most of us would value above all else. Because, to be honest, that’s what you are absolutely worst at. As brilliant as your product is, as poor is your will or your ability to communicate in a way that makes many us feel seen, heard and valued.

Just pointing out some room for improvement here.

Thanks for listening,


Thank you for mentioning Outseta, I hadn’t heard of them and on first glance they look pretty amazing :star_struck:

I have said a couple of times in this tread as has almost everyone else - when! I am sure the quality will be there. Webflow build a great platform. However talking about this significant feature for a year, then announcing it in September LAST YEAR and visually no updates since is poor. Will it be out by September this year? In the context of another comment made at the same time about improving community engagement (yes they have done some good things) I would think managing expectations around major upgrades would be VERY high on their list.

Please provide some tangible updates…