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Sign-off Agreement

I am wondering if anyone is asking their clients to sign a sign-off agreement.
I guess, an important aspect of the Sign-off Agreement is to make a statement about your Software Warranty. This is where you say how long you will be fixing bugs for free, and also what your definition of a bug is. Any advices or tips? How many months should you offer a warranty for?

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I fix bugs for free for a month. Definition of a bug: “something that prevents achieving one of the primary feature of the site”. It’s related to acceptance testing: for acceptance testing, you write a procedure for the tests, where each of the major, primary feature is tested. Everything outside of this scope is secondary, doesn’t prevent to use the website. During this period I also accept to make changes when we realize something is not as effective/appropriate as we thought it would be. It’s all a matter of be reasonable.

Also, I seel hosting with maintenance, only. Hosting + maintenance package for a CMS site starts at 350 minimum. That accounts for multiple small requests during the year. It’s very comfortable both for clients and designers.


Hey @Josef
I’m doing like @vincent, offering a Hosting + Maintenance package. This includes also doing changes on the website that the customer can’t do due to CMS limitations. I’d define a max amount of maintenance time included, starting from 30min per month for any package. The size of the package will vary from a client to another, but having this is a good selling point.


Are you hosting with Webflow or on your own?

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I got several hosting options, depending of the customers need, but I’m aiming doing to do Webflow only soon…

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