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Sideways parallax scrolling site

Hi folks,

I’m just embarking on what is currently a mote of an idea that will hopefully grow into something bigger. I’ve got to a stage with my companies website ( ) where I’m quite happy with it, but I’m toying with the idea of creating a single, static page micro-site for key projects that we want to showcase.

My idea is to create one micro-site page to sell the idea to my directors. I’ve got in mind (for the Forest Of Dean College Campus) a parallax treeline (perhaps with birds in sky, etc) that scrolls sideways eventually revealing the building looking over the lake, this can then have pop-up modals with information and images about the project.

My first question is how would I go about creating that kind of sideways-scrolling parallax effect? Or is it even possible?

Hi @Macker, that should be possible in Webflow, no problem. There are different ways to do it, here is an example side scroller, but there is not animations at the moment, but it may help you to clone the site and start with the base:

I hope this helps. It may help to create a test site and then if you need some help, create a new post or add to this existing one.